Current Projects

List of contractors in the implementation of the project
Scope of Work Location Employer  Percent improvement  The initial amount of the contract (million Rial)
1 500 residential units Elgoli Tabriz Tabriz Housing Corporation Iran 10 % 251,867
2 Service and commercial complex in the Atig Tabriz Development of Azerbaijan 5 % 185,481
3 Construction of wastewater collection network is part of the left bank of the installations mentioned side  Miyandoab Water and Sewage Company of West Azarbaijan 50 % 23,875


   List of projects large and ongoing investment
Row Scope of Work  Location Employer  Project Description How to invest
1 Nahid Commercial Complex  Tehran Hope Construction Development Company  30 units of 4500 square meters Participatory
2 Residential Ferdos Tabriz Ravand co 8 units of 3,500 square meters Participatory
3 Commercial, administrative and welfare Nil Sahand city
Ravand co  14 commercial units, 24 units of two offices and reception  100% owned by
4 Ravand 390-unit complex Sahand city
Ravand co  390 residential units built on 50,000 square meters 100% owned by
5 120-unit complex of Niavaran  Tabriz Ravand co  120 residential units, 18,000 square Infrastructure 100% owned by
6 Sorayya Complex Tabriz Ravand co  22 residential units and one commercial unit 100% owned by
7 bolur Tower (30,000 sqm Infrastructure) Tabriz Renovation of the building Iran 32,000 square meters of commercial and service Participatory
8 Residential building, 24-unit Kish tourism Kish
Renovation of the building Iran 28,000 meters, including 300 residential units Participatory
9 Zomorrod 15-storey residential complex Tabriz Company Tower Abad expensive golden entrepreneurs Participatory 5,500 commercial meters - Official Participatory