1 - History:

1-1 - Overview:

 The Company (Limited) was established in 1369 and No. 5002 dated 01.12.1369 in the Companies Registration Office and industrial property Tabriz has been registered. Central part in the company's factory in Tabriz Tabriz is located.

1-2 - core:

 According to Article 3 of the Statute, the Company is subject company. Under the operation license No. 23622-105 dated 83/10/15 by the mining industry and a. Been issued and the operation of the factory with a capacity of 303 600 thousand square meters has been conducted on 83/10/15.

1-3 - Number of employees:

 The average number of employees during the year under report, the company has over 130 employees.


2 - Average financial statements:

Financial statements are prepared based on historical cost basis and the appropriate values ​​are used.

3 - Summary of the main accounting policies:

3-1 - Inventories

3-1-1 - Merchandise inventories at cost or net selling individual items to be evaluated. Increase in cost of net sales, margin as reserves to reduce the value of inventory is to identify cost or the use of inventories is determined by the following methods:
The method used
Raw material in the manufacture of products
Moving weighted average method is used to evaluate the project's progress
A product made ​​from completed projects
The procedure has been completed and the estimated cost to complete the project

3-2 - tangible fixed assets:

related assets are depreciated. Cost of maintenance and minor repairs to maintain or restore the economic benefits expected from the Standard Performance Evaluation original business assets are. As and when they happen as the current cost profit and loss for the period is.
3-2-2 - depreciation of tangible fixed assets based on estimated useful lives of the related assets and depreciation regulations with regard to the text of Article 151 of the Direct Taxation Act enacted in March 1366 and the rates is calculated Vrshhay:
Asset Depreciation rate Depreciation method
Building 7,8,10Percent Descending
Facilities 10%, 12%, and 15 yearsdownthe line anddirect
Machinery 10%, 10and 15years downthe line anddi
Furnitureand appointed 10-year straight-line
Tools 4years straight-line
Vehicles 25%, 30% and 25% decline

Fixed assets during the school year will be used.high.

3-3 - financing costs

Finance costs are recognized as an expense in the year of occurrence, excluding expenses that are directly attributable to the acquisition of qualifying assets.

3-4 - staff termination benefits

Staff termination benefits last month, according to a fixed salary and benefits for each year of continuous service to the account they are calculated.