Certificate rating - licensed activities, membership and encourage a company's operating license Ravand
Company Name: Ravand (Limited)
Row Sign License Name licensor reference Year taken Main activities and class rank
1 Permit Contractor Management and Planning Organization 1388 Grade 1 building contractors, road contractors and bridge and tunnel, Level 3, Level 3 facilities and equipment contractors, contractor water (dam - channel - urban facilities) Grade 3 and Grade 5 on electricity and mining industry
2 Permit the employment of legal Engineering organization 1387 Butterfly's basic legal
3 Permit the employment of legal Engineering organization 1388 The legal basis for the butterfly's host 
4 Join licenses, research and development Association of Industries and Mines R & D 1385 Membership certificate as part of a research and development unit 
5 Join permit exporting technical and engineering services Association of engineering and technical services 1386 Certificate of registration as a company exporting technical and engineering services
6 License mass The land and housing 1383 Residential and commercial building mass and Level 3
7 Exploitation permit Ministry of Industries and Mines 1384 Production of glass into glass doors and windows and double glazing uP.VC
No hand delivered to all projects. No professional background and did not allow any non-delayed project 
Tabriz- Sahand New Town
Row Project Name Location Employer Consulting Engineer Start Date Date of completion or percentage progress Contract Amount (million Rial) The type certificate was received
1 Veterans apartments resistant structures - Resalat Project Tabriz Oppressed and Veterans Foundation of Islamic Revolution Development of the Foundation for Veterans 1370/3/17 1371/10/26 243 Consent
2 Water resource carrying 5000 cubic meters Sahand New Town Development Company Sahand New Town Development Company 1371/5/28 1373/3/3 185 Consent
3 Sahand New Town Villas 42 units Tabriz- Sahand New Town
Sahand New Town Development Company Sahand New Town Development Company 1375/3/1 1376/10/10 1963 Consent
4 The third piece of Tabriz Urban Railway Tabriz
Tabriz Urban Railway Organization Hexa Consulting 1381/2/17 1383/4/6 11707 Consent
5 Hospital ancillary buildings Ardabil Ardebil Housing Co. Tehran - Iran Housing Corporation of Iran - Tabriz 1378/6/1 1382/6/18 2898 Consent
6 Building Science Research of Ardabili  Ardebil University researcher ARDABILI Consultants Hashtak 1377/12/26 1383/10/9 8444 Consent