General Information

Tabriz, northern military, Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines
   Company Name: (Limited)                                                                         Contract - Mass Storage - Manufacturing - Law Enforcement    
 Tell :   5535352 -0411             5535352 -0411             Fax : 5537997 -0411             5537997 -0411    
Head Office: Tabriz - Army Street South - St. tops No. 10
 Tell : 22031338 - 021             22031338 - 021         Fax : 22022257 - 021             22022257 - 021     
Tehran Office: Highway - Africa St. - Venus - Venus Building No. 37 
Registration Number: 5002 Tabriz Companies Registration Office           Registration Date: 12/01/1369            Registers Capital: 000 million rials 15 (fifteen billion Rail)
Year of Graduation   Qualification and Course Experience  Name
Managing Director
1364  Bachelor of Engineering 27 years (CEO) Mr. Mahmoud baghban orandi
1364  BS in Mechanical 27years  (Chairman
Mr. Saeed. nejhadettehad
Chairman of the Board
1364  Bachelor of Engineering 
27 years
Mr.Mahmud baghban orandi
All members of the Board of Directors
1364  BS in Mechanical 
27 years Mr. Saeed. nejhadetehad  
1359  Bachelor of Engineering 
32 years
Mr.Mohammad hosein hosna
1372  Bachelor of Engineering 
19 years Mr.Babak safari
1381  Bachelor of Engineering 
10 years Mr.Hamid golizadeh
1367  General Public License 24 years
Mr. Nasser Purabbas vafa
1386  Bachelor of Commerce 5 years Mr.Ali nejhadettehad
1378  Bachelor of Engineering 13 years Mr.Gholamreza mollazadeh
1389  Bachelor of Architecture 2 years Ms. Mina baghban orandi
1377  BS in Geology 14 years Ms.Maryam banuali
1378  Bachelor of Engineering  13 years
Mr.Mohammad moradi
1378  Bachelor of Mathematics 13 years
Ms. Leili baghban orandi
Substitute member of the Board of Directors
1377  BA Productions 14 years
Mr.Rahim hosna
Mr. Nasser Purabbas honor board  Mr. B. Safari board Chairman Mr. S. Nzhadathad

Mr. Mahmoud gardener Orandi CEO

Full name of authorized signature holders
Two of the three companies together with love  Stamped with the company's own
Mining and Industry
Buildings and Equipment  Building  Oversees strategic planning and getting out the last of the vice president in 1388 
Five 5
Five 5
Tree 3
Tree 3
Tree 3
One 1
Membership associations and organizations 
     Date 1370  Tehran, Taleghani St., South Saba M. Brothers  Companies Forum of Buildings and facilities 
Date  1381  Tabriz l,Hil Vali-Asr i,Square Barenj College Upper Floor Gallery 
Employers Association Mass Housing
Date  1388  Tabriz, Northern Army, Chamber of Commerce  CD's member Gnndgan goods and engineering services
 Date  1385  Tehran's Vali Asr St., Motahari Ave Mansour, No. 100  Association of Industries and Mines R & D
Date  1381  Tabriz, northern military, Tabriz Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines  Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines
Date  1386  Engineering Services Exporters Association 

Manufacturing activities: The company is in the start-up of production And independent operation of two plants producing uPVC windows and doors  And a glass plant has double since 1381.  Vlavh with Jacuzzi tub and operation of the plant by attracting foreign investors to participate in 55% Ravand And 45% of the foreign party has started mass production with high quality of its products from Tabriz and Tehran itself the "City by the representatives of the other offers

12 km of Tehran road Tabriz - before police Fax : 6300116 - 0411             6300116 - 0411      (Production units and a Jacuzzi tub and shower cabin)

12 km of Tehran road Tabriz - before police Fax : 6301077 - 0411             6301077 - 0411      (UPVC window units، Double glass And power transformers Sockets and switches tactile)

Research and developmentThe company created the world's first successful R & D to build a clock timer switch with touch screen Different systems available in the market in terms of quality, beauty and Hyzhnyk  And compared with conventional sockets are key

Contracting activities : After registration of the company in 1370, taking rank among the provincial contractors started its activities And the expansion of activities to the overall ranking of the conversion And the highest ranking countries in the field of construction More than two hundred thousand square meters of Subway Tunnel Construction And several projects in the field of road construction, and water and sewer main lines and networks in Iran has implemented the

Mass: The company's commercial and residential complex built in 1373 in the capital began And then as the founder of the Society of Mass in the activity And among the first companies to mass before the formation of the association is active in this field Dozens of projects from 8 to 500 units implemented or are underway

Executive Building: After notification by the Department of Housing and Urban Construction enforcement Must use the company as a legal executive Plyh This is the highest qualification is recognized

The company's quality management certification SWISSCERT

ISO 9001 for Quality Management System

ISO 10002 relating to customer complaints system ((warranty))

ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system

ISO 18001 certification for occupational health and safety management system